Read a book why don’t you

2. května 2017 v 9:27
Dong Qing's hot new hit show Readers has certainly struck a chord with viewers, reminding them of the value of a good book and reading.

It brings a sense of culture and elegance to light.

In a world that is sometimes lost in the shallowness and banality of life, this series is one to reckon with the senses.

Although my Chinese isn't that good, I was pulled in by the show, which is something that does not often happen with TV shows anymore.

The participants came from different industries and were very detail-oriented. There were endearing moments, some with tears and also moments of laughter.

From the latest episodes, viewers learned that Tsinghua University is one of the best in the world.

The school's 106th anniversary is coming up, so the show invited a dozen senior professionals who graduated from the university and excelled in the sciences, engineering, and other fields to participate.

I was amazed by their clarity and mental agility on the program.

One of the guests helped build China's bullet train. I love the concept behind China's bullet trains. I've enjoyed traveling around the country on them.

They are always on time, convenient and reasonably priced. They are also very clean and operate on a stable system that makes the passenger feel safe.

China ought to be extremely proud of its train system. It's really at the top of the world's standards.

Coming back to the show, I sincerely admire the quality of their work.

With modern technology, reading is disappearing.

I sometimes feel sad because it distances us from the treasures left by the wiser older generation. But I'm not here to deny modern technology.

Why don't we place a book in our bag as we go to work or school?

Whether we're on the metro, a bus or waiting in a bank, we can take out a book and read a paragraph instead of wasting time on the phone.

Buď první, kdo ohodnotí tento článek.

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